Teaching Respect for the Nation, Flag Honors, Military Service and Citizenship

Vets in the Classroom is an ongoing project to incorporate veterans into our local schools. The Aiken County Veterans Council is pleased to sponsor these visits and have vets explain how patriotism, honoring veterans, and respect for the American flag should be an integral part of American life. The students have the opportunity to hear first-hand accounts of military service, history, and patriotism.

Veterans Day Program

Veterans explain the significance of Veterans Day and why we observe it on November 11.

★ Introduction of the speakers
★ History of Veterans Day
★ DVD- “I Fought for You” (four minutes, fifteen seconds) A gripping patriotic video that honors our veterans, remembers the fallen, and teaches about the price of our freedom.
★ Student Q&A

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Americanism Program

Veterans explain the symbols of the United States and proper flag protocol.
★ Pledge of Allegiance and meaning
★ US Flag Code and Myths
★ Our National Anthem and the War of 1812
★ Student questions and answers
★ Flag folding by students

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Memorial Day Program

Veterans explain why Memorial Day is more than the first day of summer.
★ Introduction of speakers
★ History of Memorial Day
★ Our local Memorial Day Remembrance
★ Student questions and answers
★ DVD: "Return to Makin Island"
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Become a Veteran Leader

Veterans volunteers lead these programs. They generally wear their uniforms and may be officers or enlisted. Veterans who lead the programs report that the students are very enthusiastic and have many questions. To become a volunteer leader, please click the "Volunteer" button on the left to email us or call 803-642-1545.