Upward American Veterans Program Information

The Upward American Veterans Committee (UAV) provides emergency basic living expenses to honorably discharged United States military veterans and their families in need. This program steps in when other sources of support are not available. UAV assists with urgent needs such as utility bills, rent, medical expenses or groceries.

Since its inception, generous donations have allowed the UAV to assist veterans and their families with more than $148K in emergency living expenses . We are proud to be able to support our veterans in need. Funds for this program come from charitable donations and from the annual VCIRC golf tournament.

Qualified Veterans – Requirements for UAV Qualification

The committee looks at each request. They consider the validity of the request and the veteran’s DD214 (veteran discharge status), as well as the UAV’s then current financial assets. The committee can allocate up to $3,000 per case. Multiple requests are discouraged.

Urgent Situations

If an emergency arises and there is no time to convene a UAV committee, two members can authorize expenditures up to $500 for qualified veterans and/or their families.

Items Covered by UAV

Since UAV is an emergency fund, it covers only emergency (in unforeseeable circumstances) expenses including groceries, immediate household needs, utilities including basic internet, and rent. Requests for funds to cover non-vital expenses such as restaurant meals, legal costs, and recreational activities are not covered. This is for short-term emergencies only. Most requests can be approved within two weeks.