The Aiken County Veterans Affairs Office and our local Veterans Service Organizations provide assistance with rent & utilities, provide supportive services for veteran families, help with the transition to permanent supportive housing, and provide hurricane shelter.

As a government agency, the Aiken County Veterans Affairs Office addresses the needs of veterans by guiding them through the daunting processes that provide them their entitled benefits.

Dwight Bradham, Aiken County Veterans Affairs Office Director, is an advisor to the Veterans Council (non-voting). Please contact the Aiken County Veterans Affairs Office at 803-642-1545 for information about eligibility and documentation required for service connected and non-service connected benefits and possible State veteran's benefits.

During the telephone interview, County Veterans Affairs staff will inform you if you are eligible for the benefit requested, let you know what documentation is required, and make you an appointment. In this way, the local VA office can give you the best service possible.

Aiken County Veterans Affair Office
1930 University Pkwy, Aiken, SC 29801